Is Netvibes the best tool for a startpage?

Last week, we learned about Netvibes, a free tool that allows its users to create a startpage in any internet browser (I used Chrome, but please use personal preference). You can set it as your homepage so that this page is pulled up when you first open your browser. Honestly, I love this tool! I have never had a startpage (“dashboard” according to Netvibes), but I really enjoy having everything pushed to me instead of having to search for information myself. I didn’t realize how lazy that sounded until I typed it, but I regret nothing.

Anyways, the tabs across the top of the page allow me to organize threads by category, my favorite one being the Standards-Based Learning tab. All of the blogs that I read on a regular basis regarding SBL appear on this tab, and I can easily see updates all in one place. My General tab has a To-Do list, weather, Twitter, and other personal tools that I constantly use to help me stay organized and informed. On my Math tab, I have The Math Dude’s Quick and Dirty Tips, which are short podcasts that are designed to help listeners understand how math can be applied to their own lives.

I can see myself using Netvibes in my everyday life, which means I would use it in my classroom. Before I show my future students about this tool, I will have to check out other tools that allow their users to create startpages. One of the ways I can see my students using this tool is by having one of their tabs being one specifically for my class. They can add our classroom blog and other tools that are relevant to math, such as the calculator and a tool to graph functions. Check back later for updates on how Netvibes compares to other startpage tools!netvibes-logo


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