LivebinderI teamed up with another student in our class to research and teach LiveBinders to the rest of the class. LiveBinders is a way to organize links to webpages on a related topic in a binder with tabs and subtabs. Each tab or subtab contains a link to a page. For example, you can have a binder on Web 2.0 tools, and the tabs can be organized by Blogs, Mobile Apps, and Storage. You can then have subtabs to list each tool under each tab. Under the Blogs tab, you can have a subtab for Blogger, one for WordPress, and another for EduBlogs. I liked how you can customize the binder to look exactly how you want it to look. My LiveBinder looks like a website with a list of “pages” down the side. Another benefit for this tool is that you can access several different web pages while only working in one tab on your internet browser.

Although there are several people who say that LiveBinders is a great tool to use in the classroom, I do not feel like it will be a tool that I use. I found it to be a bit overwhelming for something that should be rather simple. The interface is not very intuitive, and I found that the tutorial binder that comes standard when you set up your account did not address some of the questions that I had while working with the tool. I feel like a good tool is one that you can somewhat teach yourself to use, and I don’t feel like LiveBinders is one of those tools. There are better tools out there that accomplish the same thing as LiveBinders.


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