WikiSpaces as an Online Collaborative Tool

Working in WikiSpaces is similar to working in PBWorks or a blogging tool like WordPress. However, I find it a bit more frustrating. I’ll begin by discussing what I enjoy about WikiSpaces. It has a simple layout with three buttons at the top: add a page, add a  file, and discuss. You can easily link to another page in the wiki, which really helps when navigating between multiple pages.

Unfortunately, there are more reasons that I did not like WikiSpaces than there were in favor of the tool. I really do not like the fact that only one person can edit a page at a given time. There are plenty of other tools out there like Google Docs that will allow multiple editors to edit documents. I also found that the formatting within this tool is not consistent in any way. I had to change the formatting multiple times before it finally looked how I wanted it to look. For example, I had to manually number a list in order for the numbers to appear as I needed them, rendering the numbering tool that is built in useless. The page looked different depending on the size of the computer screen, which caused even more problems with the formatting.

This is a tool that could be used in the classroom, but I feel like I will not be using it because there are so many flaws with the formatting. When creating pages for a class, they need to look professional, and I do not think WikiSpaces is as functional as other tools out there.


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