About Me

My name is Jake Gulledge, and I am getting my MS in Teacher Education. I also have a minor in applied music, and I am a percussionist. This summer is my last semester as a student, and I am so excited to teach at Hardin Valley Academy starting in August. I want to be a teacher because I love seeing students who are struggling with math finally understand how things work. I knew that I have always wanted to teach, but it was not until I was in high school that I knew I wanted to teach math. My ultimate goal is to teach math as well as assist with the music program in the school in which I will be teaching.

I have loved working with children in many different ways. I have assisted with Vacation Bible School at my church for several years, where I have worked with first and sixth graders. I was in the VolsTeach program, where I went to a first grade class at Kingston Elementary School as well as a seventh grade prealgebra class at Northwest Middle School. At both of these schools, I was able to teach a few lessons and really get some hands-on experience with students. During my undergraduate career, I was in Education 100 and was placed in Austin East High School as an AVID tutor. I had the opportunity to go in to the school twice a week to help a small group of students who were struggling with Algebra II. Then, I completed an internship at Karns High School where I was able to teach Honors Algebra I, Geometry, and Honors Algebra II.

Outside of the classroom, I love to do a lot of different things with my friends. I love to watch movies and good TV shows, like Modern Family and Bones. I like playing, singing, and listening to music. I like watching Food Network and then choosing a recipe from one of the shows to fix for supper the same day. I like doing brainteasers, crosswords, sudokus, etc.


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