Quizlet and Poll Everywhere: Interactive Quizzes and Surveys

We learned a lot of new web 2.0 tools last week! I chose to delve deeper into Quizlet and Poll Everywhere just to see if I could really use these tools in my classroom. Quizlet is a fantastic tool to create online flashcards if memorization is needed for a particular unit of study. I created my own quiz on quadrilaterals because I have found this can be difficult for students as the definitions are quite similar to each other. This tool would help my students study the definitions with flashcards, and they can then take a test using Quizlet before we test in class. One of the biggest downfalls in my opinion is that you cannot embed a Quizlet on a website or blog.


Poll Everywhere is another tool that I can see myself using in the classroom. This allows you to ask a question, and students can respond via text message, Twitter, or the Poll Everywhere app available on iOS and Android. When waiting for the responses to appear on the screen, the students’ responses could take a few seconds to show, meaning you could lose some instruction time. However, I found that tweeting the response actually worked the fastest.


I have seen over and over again that some students simply do not know how to study. Quizlet is a tool that they can use to get them started by memorizing vocabulary or steps to a procedure. Only then will they be able to take that knowledge and apply it to a more challenging question. This really is a student-centered tool. On the other hand, Poll Everywhere is more for teachers because they can obtain instantaneous feedback from students about how the students feel the class is going as a whole, their understanding of the material, or even what type of pizza they would like to have for an end-of-the-year celebration!