Using Record MP3 for Podcasts

record mp3I made a podcast this week using Record MP3, and I would say it turned out well given what I had to go through to make it. Honestly, it’s a simple tool to use because you simply press “record” and then “stop” when you are finished. Your file is then automatically converted into an mp3 that you can save to your computer. Simple, right? WRONG!

When you first open Record MP3, you must configure your microphone settings. In order for you not to sound like the guy behind the green curtain, make sure you turn your mic’s volume level down to near nothing. Otherwise, your voice will be way too loud, and your listeners will not be able to understand you.

Also, there is no way to edit any part of your recording, meaning it’s an all-or-nothing deal when you record. In my opinion, there are better options out there (Audacity) that will allow you to edit any part of the recording you wish, while still producing an mp3 in the end.


I put music at the beginning and end of my podcast to add interest to the listeners, but I ended up having to move my microphone towards and away from my phone playing the music to achieve the fading effect I was looking for. I’m sure I looked ridiculous, but it sounded better than it would have without the music. Again, Audacity would have been easier to edit the audio.

This post is probably the most negative you will hear from me, but it really was a tool that I don’t feel is complex enough. There is such a thing as too simple when it comes to Web 2.0 tools. If you feel like this could be something useful, please try it for yourself. Feel free to let me know your thoughts about it! Oh, and I would post my podcast below, but I can’t post an mp3 without upgrading my wordpress.