iMovie and YouTube

For our final project, we had to create an enhanced podcast in iMovie and publish it on YouTube. I have worked with iMovie before, and I really love all programs on a Mac. This project still challenged me, though. I had never added a voice over before, but this was fairly simple with a plug-and-play microphone. Like I said before, I’ve used iMovie about four times now, and it really gets simpler the more I use it. I vividly remember being quite frustrated when I first worked with it, but I was easily able to add pictures, captions, and audio for this project.

I really didn’t have any troubles with this assignment other than the fact that it is time consuming to edit a video. My microphone worked fine, it flowed well because I had scripted the entire project, and I was already familiar with the software. I have also uploaded several YouTube videos to my channel.

iMovie is a tool that I could see my students using at some point in their lives, but I would really have to think about a meaningful project to use it with because it would take time to teach them how to use it. I could have groups assigned at the beginning of the semester, and each group would be responsible for creating a video on a particular unit so we could review at the end of the course.

Here is the final product for my enhanced podcast. I talked about basic parent functions and the domain and range of each one. We would have already talked about these individually in class, but this would help them review if they forgot what they looked like.